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Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 12 of The Flash Season 4, fittingly called "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash."

From various perspectives, The Flash offered watchers a reprieve from a great deal of its current fate and anguish with some fun shenanigans in "Nectar, I Shrunk Team Flash." The group (sans Barry) needed to attempt and stop a scoundrel with contracting powers who contracted Cisco and Ralph, Cecile built up the ability to peruse minds while pregnant, and Barry assisted his jail BFF Big Sir, notwithstanding breaking Big Sir out of jail when it turned out to be evident that he wouldn't have the capacity to demonstrate his innocence. The gut punch of the scene came at the very end when another lowlife rose to place Barry in a ton of threat. Truly, Warden Wolfe (Richard Brooks) made sense of that Barry is the Flash, and he chose to pitch Barry to none other than Amunet. 

Affirm, in fact, we did definitely realize that the superintendent was somewhat of a terrible person. He appeared to take a considerable measure of joy in his work, and he focused on Barry very quickly. The superintendent was obviously going to be Barry's opponent while he was imprisoned in Iron Heights. Who could have anticipated that he's really a bona fide scalawag manhandling his energy to offer metahumans to another baddie who needs to utilize them to propel her own particular plans? Superintendent Wolfe isn't only a headache for Barry; he's a genuine terrible person who should be ceased. 

Sadly for Barry, he's in no position to stop Wolfe as of the finish of "Nectar, I Shrunk The Flash." He gave himself away as a metahuman when he utilized his superspeed to break Big Sir out of the ring in a move that was gotten on camera regardless of his earnest attempts. Without a doubt realizing that he'd have no possibility of halting Barry on the off chance that he went up against him at full power, the superintendent found a way to medicate the jail pudding that Barry so appreciated. 

When he went to Barry's cell to uncover that he knows Barry's enormous mystery, Barry was in no condition to utilize his forces for anything. Barry was dragged to a phone in the metahuman wing of Iron Heights, caught and feeble while Wolfe decided to Amunet to mastermind the offer of the Flash himself. Gracious, Barry. Crushed by pudding! 

Presently, from one perspective, I was malignantly satisfied to see Barry find what it feels like to be thumped out, dragged to a holding cell to contain his forces, and treated wrongfully by a man in a place of more prominent power. All things considered, isn't that pretty much what Team Flash did to the metas caught in the pipeline in STAR Labs? To the extent I'm concerned, Barry should comprehend what it feels like to be pipeline-d, particularly since breaking Big Sir out of jail was a really limited move by the Scarlet Speedster. He was somewhat asking to be gotten in "Nectar, I Shrunk Team Flash." 

All things considered, he doesn't should be sold to Amunet by a superintendent mishandling his energy, nor do any of alternate metas who have more likely than not been sold to Amunet. Indeed, it might be something to be thankful for in the fantastic plan of things that Barry was gotten by the superintendent. This course of action amongst Wolfe and Amunet should be ceased before more metas are hurt, and blending Barry up in the entire chaos will get Team Flash working on it and ideally put a conclusion to the meta deals. 

Obviously, Warden Wolfe shows a bigger issue now that he knows Barry's way of life as the Flash, and there will be considerably more inconvenience on the off chance that he lets the cat out of the bag to Amunet. Group Flash may need to take either of them out for good. We'll need to keep a watch out. New scenes of The Flash air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. We can wager that the Thinker will be back in the blend as soon as possible, which is extremely the exact opposite thing Team Flash needs now that Barry is in the grip of some awful individuals.

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