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7 Things From Stephen King's IT We Don't Want To See In Chapter 2

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains massive spoilers about Stephen King's novel, IT. If you have not read the book, and don't wish to know details of the story before reading for yourself or seeing the forthcoming IT: Chapter 2, you may want to check out another one of our wonderful articles!
Having impressed the world with the recently-released IT, director Andres Muschietti and his team have a challenging mission ahead of them. The film, an adaptation of half of Stephen King's novel, has earned critical-acclaim for its portrayal of the childhood portion of the horror epic, but now exists the challenge of both catching up with the characters as adults and concluding the narrative. The book will obviously be an important tool used to make key decisions for the sequel's approach to the story, and fans will always hope for a faithful adaptation -- but it should be said that there are certain parts of the source material that IT: Chapter 2 should feel free to change or ignore.The sequel to IT needn't be a direct adaptation of the original story -- whether it's because certain things wouldn't mix with the half of the narrative already told, because somethings just won't work on screen, or because they've become outdated in a modern context. Below and on the next few pages we've highlighted seven of these elements, so read on, and tell us what you think in the comments section!
It The Losers Club

Keep the amnesia, but speed up the return of the memories

When Mike reunites The Losers Club after 27 years of separation in Stephen King's novel, they are incomplete -- and I'm not just referring to the fact that Stan doesn't show up. Bill, Beverly, Richie, Eddie, and Ben all remember each other and that they grew up in the town of Derry, Maine, but they carry very little recollection of their childhoods, especially their showdown with the evil entity known as It. This fact winds up shepherding the novel's flashback structure, as the reader learns about the past as memories flood back to them, but that's something that the next movie adaptation is going to have to be very careful with.
Andres Muschietti has confirmed that IT: Chapter 2 will feature flashbacks and the return of the young versions of original's central cast, and this is a great thing... provided that the movie doesn't lean on them to heavily. The book can get away with flashbacks as resurrected memories, but that's because first time readers aren't aware of the story. Movie-goers already know what happened to The Losers Club members as kids, so the sequel doesn't have to re-cover all that ground. Instead, the next film would be much better suited creating a different narrative device that recovers memory, and instead use the flashbacks to showcase and create character moments that we haven't already seen.

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