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6 Big Things Gotham Fans Can Expect From Season 4

           Batman in training (Gotham) 

Few TV shows have ever gotten as bizarre as Gotham did during its first three seasons, with its fabulously over-the-top criminal underworld, full of larger-than-life characters and performances. Having watched how Season 4 kicks off, I can say viewers should absolutely expect the Fox drama to keep the atmosphere as dark and demented as ever. Not all characters will return, of course (even though this is Gotham), but the ones that are sticking around are making up for any absences. As are the ones making big returns.
Without delving into any episode spoilers beyond what the trailers and episode synopses have told us, here are 5 big things that Gotham fans can expect when Season 4 begins.
Bruce Wayne had it rough in the back half of Gotham Season 3, basically losing his humanity to The Shaman and Ra's al Ghul, but he's mentally snapped back into place when Season 4 begins. (For the most part, anyway.) His ascent to fear-inspiring vigilantism -- or descent, if you're asking Alfred -- is not something that gets underway without some complications. After all, we know that Bruce knows how to fight, but can he possibly take down Gotham City thugs who are seemingly all armed with guns?
Fans will get to see the initial ups and downs of Bruce's life-changing decision, which means we'll get to see a bit more from his new clothing choices that will eventually lead to a proper crimefighting costume. This Bruce Wayne is a million miles away from the sobbing chap we were first introduced to, and we're right alongside Alfred in lamenting the unavoidable problems that will occur in his future; problems on both sides of the law.
                            The penguin 

As strangely enjoyable as Penguin's story got during Season 3, what with his relationship with Ed Nygma going from loving to destroyed-beyond-all-means, the hobbling criminal didn't exactly have the strongest hold over Gotham City's underworld. But that definitely changes in Season 4, as Penguin got himself a new haircut, a sharp new set of outfits and a new sense of purpose. He's also got a new plan to keep himself untouched by both Gotham's unlawful elements and the GCPD itself.
Without getting into details, Penguin's big plan involves licensing out crime within Gotham City, which is completely ridiculous by any stretch of the imagination, although fans will find that it actually makes total sense within Gotham's bizarro field of logic. Does that mean that things will keep moving forward in Penguin's favor forever? It's not likely, but he certainly knows how to present a compelling argument to all involved.

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